Creaza, the Online Toolbox

There exists hundreds on websites out there to help teachers and students create material, flashcards, mind maps, videos, comics, etc. Finding your way through all the possible websites and remembering which one does what can prove to be a challenge. This is where Creaza comes in handy. Creaza is an online toolbox which allows students and teachers alike to create virtually everything, from mind maps to videos. The website is available in no less then 9 languages, is free, and requires no installation. Once you are registered and logged in, you have access to 4 very useful tools; a video editor, a sound editor, a cartoon editor, and a mind map generator.

As it is mentionned on Free Technology for Teachers, Creaza is super user-friendly so everyone can use it regardless of your level of ease with computers, sound/video editing and so on. It has a whole click-and-drag approach to things that makes Creaza very intuitive. The video editing tool comes in with basic transitions, clips, and pictures. Same goes for the sound editing tool. Creaza allows you to record directly on the website or select a pre-recorded track on your computer or in Creaza’s library. The cartoon creator comes with a bunch of pre-established backgrounds and characters. Once again, it is very easy to go on the internet and insert your own elements. Educators technology mentions that Creaza is great in the classroom as it is easy to create any kind of material to improve your teaching! In a few clicks you have a video or a comic book ready to go. Another click and your students can create a great mind map; it is that easy.

Give it a try, you will soon adopt it for its simplicity and its four-in-one applications.




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