Pixton: Comic Book 101

Everyone loves a good comic book, especially students. Using comic books in the classroom presents a lot of advantages, first of all they are fun. If the students are enjoying themselves in the classroom, they will learn more easily. Second of all, comic books allow you to present a huge varitety of material and grammar in an interactive and pleasant ways. In a comic book, you have characters, the students will need to describe these characters thus practicing basic descriptions and basic adjectives. Stuff happens in a comic book, therefore you can present basic sequence writing to your students with sentence connectors and everything. Moreoever, comic books allow you to reach students who draw doodles all the time in class which can be somewhat annoying.

Pixton.com is a great website where you and your students can build comic books from scratches. If you are a teacher, just submit a proof that you teach when signing up and you and your class will get to create comic books for free. If you just want to use it for yourself you can log in in the “fun” section. Creating your comic book is very easy with Pixton; step by step, the website takes you from the creation of your characters (fully customizable), to the publishing of the comic book. In less than 15 minutes you can put your hands on some very decent, home-made, comics. You can also browse through comics submitted by others for, say, a reading activity in class.

Comic Book Software Review praises the easiness with which one can get accustomed to Pixton. As mentionned, Pixton offers a vast array of customizable characters and backgrounds. Backgrounds however are not customizable. You click on the features you want, you move your elements around as you please and voilà! A comic book.

Common Sense Media also find PIxton very useful with kids as the website provides an easy to follow How-to set of videos to help you create simple to elaborate comics. Very concerned about what can be seen or heard on the internet, CSM also mentions that comics judged inappropriate can be reported and the users could be banned after a number of offences, which makes Pixton very safe for work.




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